I want to apply as an Assetprovider within DECENOMY

For everyone who wants to make a deeper dive into the details of DECENOMY, we recommend enjoying the Whitepaper.

For those quick readers, in a nutshell:
Bringing in Assets means moving in from the classic economy to a new economy and taking part in the great vision of a decentralized economy, the so-called DECENOMY – a lot of advantages awaiting!
For you and your business, it means business as usual. You sell your products or services and get fiat payments (e.g. EUR, USD, YEN) via regular gateway providers.
Apart from a nearly inflation-free business and many improvements, you will get a lot of advantages added:

  • A hybrid payment model which allows you to conduct business as usual. But you are set a freely definable %-value to store returns in predefined cryptocurrencies.
    These cryptocurrencies will appreciate your income very fast. These can be used to buy goods and services e.g. insurance pension plans as well as self-custody with valuing assets. As the expected economic space grows it should beat any bank!
  • Interest on the value of your Asset. There are plans and ideas on how to earn interest on your Assets you will provide to DECENOMY. It is also intended to lend them out for other operators to take care of.
  • Rewards for ecological and social behavior. If you do good, like a clean and sustainable business, you will be eligible for benefit programs rewarding with additional bonus coins!
  • Simplified crowdfunding: Having a project but not all the funds? There are lots of people who like to join and crowdfund your innovative idea. Share these pools with a large worldwide community. Build real estate empires and energy powerhouses with easily transparently set up structures.
  • In each sector, strong communities will form support for each other. Considering having a rental? Form an alliance and partnerships with other rentals on the map. Learn what works best and how to maximize profits.
  • Stay tuned … more ideas and advantages will be shared soon!

The interest once DECENOMY launches will be exciting! We will start with the launch of a beta program. Handpicked partners get in to join as first movers and entrepreneurs.

Sign up to register your Assets here.